Free the Bear Indie Bookstore Partners

Free the Bear author, CD Spensley, believes strongly in the importance of independent bookstores and actively seeks partnerships with local booksellers. There’s nothing like an indie bookstore to provide direct connection to readers, offering knowledge and individualized help, as well as book readings, local information, and overall involvement in the community. Most likely you will not find this on Amazon or in corporate bookstores, which cater to tastes based on more general algorithms. We’re not saying Amazon and corporate bookstores are bad, and certainly Amazon as a distributor has unparalleled reach. But we are saying that as authors we feel a strong kinship with our local, indie bookstores, as part of a larger ecosystem that brings a continuum of voices to enthusiastic readers.

Here’s our list of indie bookstore partners who have made space on their shelves for Free the Bear.¬†We hope they are as proud to work with us as we are to work with them!