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Here are our Book Club Questions for Free the Bear:

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Larger Issues:

Are you worried about the future with the growing use of Artificial Intelligence?

How has CAL changed your previous thinking about AI?

What do you think about the secessions currently happening in the world?

Do you think a secession will ever happen in the United States? If so, what conditions would lead to it/make it justified?

Is this book utopian or dystopian?

What genre is this book to you?

What questions did Free the Bear raise for you? Did it answer any questions?



Why do you think Courtney continues to stay with Louie Sabatini?

Of all the characters, who do you think CAL likes the most? Or is that even a relevant question, i.e., to what degree is CAL similar or dissimilar to humans with regard to relationships?



What do you think made Virgil turn into a villain? Is there hope for him to turn back around?

What does CAL want?



Who is your favorite character and why?

Why did CAL want Durant to go get Louie?

Can an AI be a good person? A good friend?

Did any of the characters remind you of anyone you know or characters from any other stories?


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