Free the Bear now on the shelves of Folio Books in San Francisco’s Noe Valley!

By freethebearbook | December 16, 2017

Free the Bear now on the shelves of Folio Books in San Francisco’s Noe Valley. Support your local independent bookstores!

Free the Bear available in Green Apple Books and Music and Florey’s Books!

By freethebearbook | December 10, 2017

Free the Bear (the book) is proud to be offered on the shelves of these fine indie bookstores! Green Apple Books and Music (in SF) and Florey’s Books (in Pacifica California) PLEASE support Free the Bear and you local independent bookstore!

December 6th Reading!

By freethebearbook | November 27, 2017

Join us for our first Bookstore reading at Green Apple Books original location in San Francisco on December 6th at 7:15PM! We love Green Apple and are quite excited to be reading there.

Readings etc. update!

By freethebearbook | November 21, 2017

Our first reading in SF went off swimmingly. A great gathering and we sold nearly every book. What fun autographing! The next reading is on December 6th at 7PM at Green Apple Books in San Francisco’s Richmond District. We will also be appearing at the Bolinas Craft Festival on December 16th and 17th. What fun…

Fiction is art and should not be confused with reality

By freethebearbook | October 27, 2017

Dear Free the Bear! readers. Judging by some of the posts on the @FreetheBear! Facebook page, there is some confusion about the fact that this is a fictional novel. A fictional novel is a work of art that should not be confused with some kind of political manifesto. Read the novel or don’t but judge…

Push back from the right…

By freethebearbook | October 26, 2017

We expected that some people might be a little critical of a premise that includes defying the US Government. What we didn’t expect is that people would not recognize that Free the Bear! is a novel, an artwork and NOT a manifesto for a secession movement. The Facebook page had exactly 8 comments on it…

Much to do!

By freethebearbook | October 17, 2017

There is always something to do for an indie author, today we worked on polishing up the bios and creating the Amazon author page. The forecast is creation of a card to hand out to people, scheduling the hard launch party, setting up book readings and so on! An indie author’s work is never done,…

Soft Launch of Free the Bear!

By freethebearbook | October 12, 2017

Free the Bear! Launched on time at Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperback! Both the Ebook and the Paperback were approved by Amazon and given a green light! Yay. Formatting was an interesting process and really not too onerous. Now comes the hard part, ┬ámarketing. We are settling in for that process improving this website, making…

First Blog Entry

By freethebearbook | September 11, 2017

Welcome to the Free the Bear Book Blog. Here is where the authors will occasionally share reflections on the ideas in the novel and experiences publishing this work of fiction.